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I believe that each individual person can impact their healing the most by actively participating in it. Therefore, I apply my vast experience to not only treating, but educating clients for self-treatment to relieve their discomfort and maximize their individual potential. I also know that “doing the work“ myself and diving into my own healing journey has given me the experience and opportunity to really listen and understand my client's needs and desires. One-on-one therapy sessions involve hands-on treatments during which a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques as well as other cutting edge approaches are used to address the whole body. Education in proper body mechanics, movement, and postural awareness are also provided. The treatment session is for all ages, babies too!

I have extensive training in manual therapy techniques that addresses the fascial and connective tissue system, which extends to every cell in the body. By addressing this web of tissue, relief from pain can occur not only where the person is having symptoms, but also gets to the root of the problem which is usually somewhere else in the body. Traditional therapy usually treats only the area affected and therefore clients have only temporary relief, whereas MFR techniques are able to provide long term reduction of pain.

As a previous sufferer of pelvic pain, I pursued learning and becoming specialized in pelvic floor therapy through the Herman-Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, Tami Kent, PT, and other accredited sources. Incontinence, pregnancy pain, postural dysfunction, neck and back pain, and pelvic floor pain are just a few of the many conditions I provide treatment for.


​I began a career in medicine over twenty years ago, working as a Veterinary Technician in Florida, whilst teaching animal behavior at the local college. I transitioned to working with people after earning my B.S. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida in 1997. The choice to pursue Occupational versus Physical Therapy came as a result of the increased focus on the whole body as well as the psychological elements of healing. 

I am lucky to have had the good fortune to work in several cities with multiple groups including stroke, spinal cord injuries, children with developmental delays in the the school system, and the elderly in long term care facilities. Along the way, I discovered and studied, not only myofascial release under John Barnes, PT., but lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, Reiki, as well as pilates and Restorative Exercise.

My latest studies have given me the pleasure of adding the title of  VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach to my resume.  With this method, I offer online one to one coaching where we discover and dive into what your deep desire is around intimacy and whats blocking you from achieving it.  Using somatic techniques, the goal is to connect one to their body/mind finding and relating to the areas where blockages from trauma, subconscious beliefs and cultural expectations are buried.  When we are able to be present with and feel into these areas we are then able to process and release them.  Using specific techniques the energy of the desires can then be called in and nurtured.


Lastly, I am currently completing my doctorate, which I know will bring in amazing opportunities around my non profit work and to continue to bring awareness and enhancement in my profession.

Please reach out for a consult if you'd like to explore what opportunities would be best for you and your healing journey...  


Looking forward to connecting!



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