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“Erica made me feel comfortable and relaxed in all sessions. She helped me realize the connection between mind, body and spirit, and taught me the importance of listening to our body. I have gained more strength and feel less pain from Erica’s healing power.”

– Bryn Vickers, Sr. Associate Producer Los Angeles, CA

“I sought treatment from Erica during my pregnancy when experiencing worsening sacroiliac joint pain, pelvic pain and sciatica. I felt immediate pain relief and improved function with just one treatment session with Erica. Erica and her MFR treatments allowed me to remain active throughout my entire pregnancy. I was able to continue exercising within moderation, as well as was able to sleep more comfortably at night and sit more comfortably when driving. This in turn not only made the changes I was experiencing in my pregnant body more manageable, but also enjoyable. Erica’s treatment was gentle, even relaxing, and yet the most effective way I’ve experienced in treating my symptoms.”

– April, Physical Therapist Los Angeles, CA

“Erica has a gift from God. My job is extremely physical performing many many hours live in front of thousands of people per week. The strain on my body is immense and without proper physical conditioning/yoga I could never ever get through it. I have been laid up to where I couldn’t move and Erica within an hour has made it where I felt brand new. She is truly amazing, incredibly brilliant and I’m blessed to know her.”

– Ravi Drums, International Professional Drummer Los Angeles, CA

“When I first came to Erica I had extreme sciatic pain complicated by stenosis and disintegrating discs. Even with two canes I could barely walk and certainly couldn’t tap dance. The relief I had from the first treatment was remarkable and having her work her myofascial release magic regularly and intermittently since, has allowed me to have a full work schedule and to travel for work. I still can’t tap dance ( I never could before), but her knowledge and ability in this field of treatment is nothing short of miraculous.”

– S. Cohen, Art Gallery Owner, Los Angeles, CA

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